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Summer- A Time for Miracles

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field of poppiesRenowned poet, Albert Laighton once said, “Where man sees but withered leaves, God sees sweet flowers growing.” There is much truth in this statement; as all too often we walk along life’s highway dwelling on the low points and not enough of the highpoints. You see, summer is God’s way of awakening our eyes to the miraculous wonder of life. Everywhere you look, Mother Earth is warming the earth as we experience the freedom of the season. The richness of the soil, the tender blossoms, and the bright green leaves exhibit a beautiful display for the entire world to see. Have you taken the time to really look at nature?

As Laighton explained, man does not see the potential in withered leaves. He only sees the dead vegetation and looks no further…that’s how many of us tend to view our lives these days. For some of us, it takes too much time to focus on what could be. We spend many an hour worrying about what was lost, or the cost of mistakes; and by the time we’ve spent all these precious moments on past issues, we have regrettably lost the opportunity that was there all along.

Are you forsaking your prosperity because you can’t see the flowers from the dead leaves? Let go of the old and withered patterns of your life like the June flowers exhibit. Summer is a time for miracles when we allow them to enter our lives. Don’t let a hardened heart prevent you from embracing new possibilities, and a chance for a positive life transformation. Even the flowers get a second chance every year to be the brightest and most colorful of the garden bouquet. God doesn’t view your “withered” ways, he wants you to be the best that you can be as well. That is my message to you – laugh, have fun, do something that brings a smile to your face.

We are all God’s children, and like the flowers of summer, he wants you to grow, flourish and feel the soft breeze across your face. Perhaps this is why we have one season out of the year that reminds us of the miracles that await us all.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, your Intuition Expert

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Summer – A Time for Miracles
By Joan Marie Whelan

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