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Realize Your Dreams with Your Intuition Powers

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Are you letting a Kazoo rule your life?

Perhaps we’re not all like Superman or Wonder Woman, but we do possess intuitive powers that can help us to realize our dreams and goals in life. The most exciting part about our intuition is that it’s absolutely free. Unlike other professional advice, our inner wisdom doesn’t cost us anything but a little effort to fulfill our plans and aspirations. When you follow your higher consciousness you might just surprise yourself with the positive return of results.

Do you remember the popular cartoon The Flintstones? Fred cavorted with a miniature, green alien named Kazoo who would sometimes get him into trouble. This was for all purpose-sakes, Fred’s metaphorical alter ego. This was the materialistic side of Fred, who allowed this often mischievous little spaceman to steer him in the wrong direction. Now, imagine if had he listened to his conscience during those times – he would never have ended up in the odd predicaments he did. Our alter ego works much in the same way as Kazoo. It wants everything but doesn’t take the time to strategically plan out or visualize the goals we want to achieve in life.

Intuitively, we know that we must steer clear from the Kazoo in our lives, and allow our higher consciousness to direct us in the appropriate path. It’s easy to fall into the trap of deadlines and day-to-day trials simply because we “want” things, but it’s so much better to put forth a little effort by listening to and following our intuition to receive blessings that make us so much happier in life.


If you think back to one of the happiest times in your life, what was what? Was it your first kiss? Your big promotion? Your climb to a mountain top? Your wedding day? The birth of your child? You see, all of these are examples of realizing your dreams and accomplishments – and guess what? Many of these (examples) give individuals a sense of euphoria, pride, and joy. These are the feelings that we must recreate and maintain throughout our lifetime. When we appropriately follow our guiding intuition and gut feelings, we find that this happiness is like the gift that keeps on giving – and everyday is yet another day to realize and achieve our dreams.


Are you letting a Kazoo rule your life? Trust your intuition and give inspiration another chance to recreate and transform your lifestyle into one that makes you sincerely happy.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Your Intuition Expert

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