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Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life!

Posted by Intuition Girl

An individual I know recently decided that she was going to kick the cigarette habit after a lifetime of smoking.  She had made several attempts to quit in the past, but no matter what she tried, she always seemed to fail.  It was after she realized that she had to change her frame of mind that she might be able to achieve her goal.

One of the primary motives why people may want to quit smoking, quit drinking, or lose weight is for health purposes.  All three of these addictions take effort, willpower, and a 360-degree change in behavior.  The main reason as to why some folks do not succeed in resolving these addictions is because it’s difficult to stop doing all the things they’re accustomed to doing.  They’ve become complacent with the normalcy of how they’ve trained themselves to think and live.

Whether we choose to drink too much, eat too much, or smoke cigarettes – it is a choice that we have made for ourselves.  The good news is that life offers us many choices.  While we may have made one choice, we can easily make another choice to undo the harm that we may have created for ourselves from an earlier one.

That’s not to say that we should continue flip-flopping our decisions.  When we choose to truly change our thoughts – our mindset – we have the potential to change our lives for the better, and for the long haul. 

Are you prepared to re-train your thinking?  When you set your mind into transformation mode, you are ready to redesign your destiny and live the life you’ve always wanted to live.  Changing our behaviors takes commitment, dedication and a willingness to reshape our mindset into believing that we CAN accomplish what it is we want. 

Truly, if you are steadfast in changing your thoughts, you can change your life.  Are you ready to go the distance and transform your lifestyle into a healthier, happier and more successful one?  You can when you take the first step to achieving your goals – change your thoughts for a better you!

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3 Responses to “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life!”

  1. Dan B Says:

    Do you realize the title of your post is also the title of Wayne Dyers book which is his interpretation of the Tao Te Ching? Dr. Dyer is one of my favorite mentors. You have a great blog here. Thanks for the friend add on Facebook.

  2. Intuition Girl Says:

    Thanks for the heads up… I will be sure to check that out. Thanks for the connection and your comments — I do appreciate it :-)

    Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

  3. playboi130 Says:

    I saw similar post three month ago. Topicality of this post sucks. Dude, you have to keep up to date.

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