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A Country where anything is possible

Posted by Intuition Girl

Are you up to the challenge?

Hello Friends,

As I was listening to President Obama’s speech last night he spoke on the importance of innovation and that this is what is needed in order to help our country grow.

If you are one of the hundreds of people that not only want to make a difference in this world but also desire to create a better income to support yourself and possibly your family, how do you expect to accomplish this?

He went on to share the importance of education and that it is time to raise our standards to benefit us individually and collectively, the people of this Country.  We must set a tone and come from a place of power in order to help shape our world.  Do you know how?

The message that our President is sharing is that America is a Country where anything is possible no matter where you have come from and no matter where you are right now!

Do you believe you can be someone that can help shape our country? How about creating and/ or growing your own business so you can employ people or help more people.

It is time for us to get creative?

He used an example of a 55 year old women who decided to go back to school to become a bio-chemist when he said: “Ordinary people who dare to dream and have an extraordinary future”- Do you believe he is speaking to you …because you too, can choose to do great things and be extraordinary?

The President closed with – “Our destiny remains our choice”….  So I ask you: “What do you choose”?

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