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Gain clear and personalized direction in your life with my new Teleclass

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During the next 8 weeks Every Tuesday Evening—6 PM Pacific Time, 9 PM EST, Be part of my new Tele-class and gain clear, personalized direction on YOUR pressing issues


  • Learn from others on the call as I coach and share life transforming information that will benefit you in your life today.  Put the next 8 weeks to work for you as you grow and gain on-going support, guidance and encouragement
  • Re-listen to the recorded downloadable class at your leisure if you are unable to make all the classes
  • Realize how this kind of personal focused coaching will benefit you, impact your personal and professional life as I show you how to take action and achieve recovery

Real Value of my 8 weeks Coaching Services is: $ 30,000.

My summer special to you will be $729.00

lesbrownLes Brown stated: “The Universe sent blessings to the earth the day Joan Marie was born.”

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This is a once in a life time opportunity by me. I am receiving hundreds of emails from you wanting more help from me. You have wanted to know when I am hosting another program, you and the Universe have spoken and I am listening.

I was planning to take some time off this summer to complete my next book but realized that I needed to devote my time to you–to help you rise above the mediocrity of life and rescue yourself from the massive fear and increasing costs of living during these challenging times.

We will build a strategy for the group so you will be equipped to take action—because your economic, financial and personal life recovery is what matters.
8 weeks of coaching and mentoring from me, the Lifestyle Makeover Coach, the Intuitive Master and fast becoming the money making coach will prepare you for a better life. I have taken several clients last year to 7 figures and I have taken dozens from mid to high six figures.

Many have worked with me to heal and transform from depression, addictions and loss of loved ones. I want to help you too!

Whatever your reason is: NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEND WITH ME and realize your personal recovery!

I invite you to personally work with me and…

  • See the root of your problem and map out a solution
  • Stretch your mind and cultivate your own level of mastery
  • Re-program your thoughts as you strengthen your manifesting abilities—it is time for you to receive!
  • Rescue yourself from the status quo
  • Stop sabotaging your life

The right outcome really matters and so do you. I will be utilizing my gifts of Intuition to laser focus in on you


It is time to get to the root of your situation whether it be relationships, money or health. Come heal and transform and participate with other like- minded people.

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