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A Recession shouldn’t Rule Your Life

Posted by Intuition Girl

5 Tips to Overcome Your Feelings of Insecurity

hikersclimbingWhile our economy may be experiencing a recession, it doesn’t mean that your mind and spirit need to fall into a slump as well.  I know it’s difficult sometimes; especially if you’re a worrywart, who constantly tunes into the six o’clock news to get status reports on the state of the Union. Put that aside for a moment.  I want you to focus on you. Throw away the external components of the world and take a long look at your life.  What are you doing to make your life more bearable; and beyond that, what are you doing to create happiness in your life? Following are five tips to overcome your feelings of insecurity in these sometimes-stressful times:

1. Don’t make mountains out of molehills. Many times, we become our worst own enemy because we begin to exaggerate our challenges. It’s easy to do when you allow yourself to become overwhelmed to the point of no return.  I imagine Chicken Little felt that way when he automatically assumed that the sky was falling.  Before you jump to extreme conclusions about your situation, you need to take a step backward and put your mind on rewind for a moment. Relax. Take different perspectives of your present condition.  Ask yourself:

•    How did I arrive at this place?
•    What options do I have at this point?
•    What talents, tools, or skills do I have at my disposal?
•    What are my goals?
•    What goals are achievable?
•    What plan of action do I have to achieve these goals?

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