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Whirlwind of signs

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Joan Marie,

When my daughter was killed in an auto crash by a drunk driver in 2001, we
experienced a whirlwind of signs from her beginning the day after her death. Bulbs burned out one by one, the television turned on without anyone touching it, radio stations in my car switched to music with profound lyrics, her favorite perfume permeated the air, my computer would flash photos of her …. I could go on and on.

Until her passing, I was clueless about Spiritual energy, so I delved into everything I could learn. Our communications and her messages have grown even more profound since she no longer has to prove to me that she lives on. (By the way, you’re her favorite medium) *smile*

My second son [I didn't give birth to him, but he was born in my heart since he was age 7] recently finished three tours of duty in Iraq as a US Marine and was home on leave for a month before heading back to Camp Lejeune on Dec. 14.
The following day, in his Jacksonville, NC, home, he shot and killed himself.

We are heartbroken and suffering the death of a second child, but more so, the pain is exacerbated by not getting any signs whatsoever from him. Whenever he was in Iraq and I feared for his life, he would always assure me that if he died, he would “visit” me and plague us with his Spiritual energy … including pranks. He believed in afterlife communication.

I don’t understand.
Why the silence?
Why no signs whatsoever?
I pray and meditate.
In fact, my daughter has become eerily quiet and hasn’t communicated with me in anyway since his death.

Can you pose this situation to other bereaved parents for their input or can you
address this in your newsletter?

I understand if you can’t reply to my e-mail, but for some reason, I feel you’re the
only one I can turn to at this time … and I don’t believe in coincidences. *grin*

Thank you for all that you do.
You’re a beautiful soul and our world is a better place with you in it.

Barbara R.


Dear Barbara:

Thank you so much for your beautiful note. I honor you for your strength and courage to continue to have your heart open to learn and grow through your life’ s experiences. I truly do believe your son is with you and reaching out to you. Please give it time for you to pick up or understand how he is coming through to you. I do see him in your kitchen often and by you when you pray or sit looking out the window. I feel what is happening is your energy has been in a panic with questions of why and there has been some unfinished business with him and his passing.

Please know that he is truly around you but he is also learning and growing in so many ways. He is also in a very powerful healing mode right now so that he can help himself to become strong within. As that happens he will be in a better position to help you and your family on earth. When you go off to sleep at night ask him to let you feel his presence, he is truly there.

I also encourage you to go within and find If there is any healing for you to do at this time—go within and nurture you. Please know that he is there and the two of you will be dancing together very shortly.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie the gift.

Intuition Girl

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