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What’s my passion?

Posted by Intuition Girl

Hi Joan Marie,

I am trying to get clear on what’s my passion, please help me.

Thank you, Temberly Williams

Dear Temberly

Great question and as I have said before one I receive on a regular basis from many of you. Defining what your life’s purpose comes down to several things and is impossible to answer in this short message. But for starters, it is valuable to say, that to discover one’s purpose requires one important ingredients, that is, to discover something that brings you joy. Now do not just say well if I had money I would be happy or if I was married I would be happy. That is not true. Whatever emotional state you are in right now is the exact same emotional state you will be in when you have money and deeper relationships. Money does not resolve your real issues and sometimes it even exasperates them.

You understand your purpose in life when you recreate clarity of what it is you want to experience on a daily basis. You must decide what you want to create. You need to take the direct root to get there and you need to be willing to work towards what brings you joy.

Your purpose is your passion, a state of mind, creativity, taking risks and playing hard. So, I ask you, “What do you want to do with your time and are you willing work hard to get there?” Everyone who is successful and experiences greatness has worked and earned it. Are you ready and willing to enjoy the experience?

Many Blessings to you,

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