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What is your take on astrology?

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Joan Marie,

I was wondering what your take was on astrology? Recently, I had a complete astrology report done on my sons father and it told me he was going to drop down on the side walk and die. I know they are not supposed to reveal this kind of information but all the reports I have had done were so true (mainly as far as personality goes) and it has ruled my ability to move forward in life.

I am sick with worry as I had lost my husband in the same way . My Husband’s death was in my birth report ! I believe more in the validity of what you do than that of astrology.

Thank you for your time. Your response is greatly appreciated!


Joan Marie’s Answer

This is a fascinating question. I literally just said to a client the other day to please be cautious when you are receiving information from another. I suggest you examine the information and try it on like it is a pair of hand me down pants. If they feel right and fit keep them, if they do not throw them away.

The information you received for your son’s father can become a reality because now the thought and statement has been sent out into the ethers. It has become a spoken word. I believe that if someone is going to tell you this kind of information, it would also be wise that they share with you details of how to prevent this from happening. Remember we all have free will and we actually have the power and ability to change our fate. Therefore, it is possible that this prediction can be reversed.

The truth is, if you are comfortable speaking to this man and sharing with him what was told to you, he might be interested in taking right action. This information just might be the catalyst that will enable him to empower himself to change his ways and make life altering decisions. As individuals we have the power every second of every day to do something different. If you are going to pray for anything at this time pray for the strength and courage for yourself, your son and this man. Change is inevitable so pray that you can all grow from the changes that are occurring to you.

When we become a leader in life over our emotions we are the winners. We are all going to die and we all will burry many loved ones— this is a fact. What you decide to do with your time while you are here and the relationships you wish to create is up to you. If you are going to stress and worry instead of playing, living, talking, sharing and doing—you just might lose out on the opportunities that await you. Remember the choice is yours!

I see a great deal of energy entanglement with your husband, you and your sons father…. break the cord of the past and create a new story.

Many Blessings to you,

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