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Viewpoints on Evil

Posted by Intuition Girl

Hello Joan Marie.

I’m wondering about your concept of evil as it fits into your views. I wasn’t able to pick up your thoughts on that from your book and I am curious about that.

Joan Whelan Vanderhorst

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Hi Joan:

Evil- is a low based energy- that does not need to be focused on. Our job is not to bring in evil into our lives or harbor evil thoughts caused by various situations we can not control. I did not discuss evil directly in my latest book: Soul Discovery, 9 Principles for Revealing your Sacred Gifts, because in the book, my main focus was on teaching positive possibilities that are born out of tapping into your authentic self. I firmly believe that each individual can contribute towards putting a stop to evil as they learn how to truthfully dance with their own Soul and experience their sacred gifts. You see the only way to have world peace and have an abundance of harmony on the earth is for each one of us to take responsibility for our own emotions and individual healing. That is why it is so important for us to do our work and continue to clean our emotional houses. You may have noticed that I speak on this topic often.

As we begin to feel greater peace within our lives and have a greater amount of joy and harmonious flow in our world we will see more of that peace in all of our personal experiences.

I hope that is helpful.

One Response to “Viewpoints on Evil”

  1. Cory Says:

    Hi Joan Marie,

    Thanks for your response to the reader who asked the question about your perspective on evil.

    As an ordained minister I frequently get asked that question as well. I share your view that God/Universe/Spirit did not call us into being to have us focus on anything other than love. Denying that loving response to God, our fellow human beings and ourselves simply doesn’t serve the common good and creation as a whole. I also don’t believe that God is about duality, but about unity and union with creative purpose.

    You are a true blessing and grace in my life.

    Thanks much,

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