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Turmoil in the world

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Hi Joan Marie,

beeonroseI was born and raised Catholic.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown leery and tired of the hypocrisy of this fear, guilt based religion.  Also, I have an extremely hard time with the pedophilia amongst their priests and the higher ups, all the way up to the pope ignoring this situation and sweeping it under the rug, until they got caught.  I can’t associate myself with this, just as I would no longer associate with a “friend” who has done this same thing.  ANYWAY…..There is much talk (Coast To Coast AM) about “end times”, etc.  And I am beginning to feel, this, too, is just another scare tactic perpetrated by man/religion.  I am very interested in YOUR thoughts on this “end time” subject.  I also am very interested in your thoughts on the disappearing HONEY BEES and are we just literally killing them and our planet as well.

What do you see with regard to North Korea?  They are really getting scary!

I feel these questions may be of good general interest to all.

Thanks so much

Susan Chambers


Dear Susan:

Thank you for your questions. The issues and topics that you are concerned with are the same that have worried many others and because of all the turmoil in the world you are feeling even more vulnerable and troubled. The upheaval is most definitely disconcerting but I encourage you not to feed into the fear and worry that seems to be setting in.

As a whole the Universe has been experiencing challenging times which is fed by the masses focusing on lower based energy.  This is the time for all of us to reach towards the light, which is higher, based energy and allow light and love to fill our energy field and all those issues.  Unfortunately there are a lot of people who want to control us by fueling the flames of fear-based thoughts.  The end of the world is not scheduled to be anytime soon. Yes there is change that is happening but I do not believe it is cause for panic.  Our world can and will turn around if people, like you, start empowering themselves as they make a conscious effort to create positive and fruitful change in the world.  This will come about as we individually and collectively use our words and thoughts to build only positive and productive outcomes so that the good will choke out the unpleasant and adverse situations and we will have a return to balance and harmony.

Remember we are all mirroring each other and what is happening around the world is also happening to us in different ways.  I have said this before if we want the world to heal, we, individually must also heal.  I, therefore, encourage you to go within and begin to identify with your personal anger, fear, resentment and worry.  Meditation will help you greatly.  Once you have gotten to the root of all this negative energy that is surfacing in your life, you will be able to release it and then fill the void, that space, with positive and loving energy that will at the same time help heal the planet.  Truly love is the only answer so place your energy in that direction.

There is no question that we have a lot of work to do if we want to create and foster peace in our world.  Please honor yourself for your awakening to all these issues.  Now it is time to deal with them take action, release and recover.  This is not about judging or criticizing others; it is about doing our own work.  When each one of us does our job, with time, the rest will follow.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie
Intuition Girl

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