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The significance of rainbows

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rainbow4Good Day Joan Marie,

My 17-year old Granddaughter sees rainbows a lot, even at night. We were wondering what the significance was?

Thanks for all the good you do.

Many Blessings,

Denise Larsen


Dear Denise:

Throughout the ages, different cultures and religions have expressed their belief and meaning as to the appearance of a rainbow.  In each one there seems to be a common thread that it represents good and possibly blessings and magic from the Universe.

When I see a rainbow it causes me to stop and reflect on life and my journey at that particular time.  It can mean you are on the right path. I look at rainbows as a promising sign, a symbolism for my hopes and dreams.  It has been said that good luck comes to those who dream rainbow dreams.

I feel that your granddaughter is also able to see auras that are around all of us.  She is probably intuitive as all children are.  Encourage her to use her imagination and see what she creates from the rainbows.

I suggest that this young girl reflect on her own thoughts and draw a conclusion that fills her heart. She will know if it fits for her or not.  It could mean that this is the time for her to follow her dreams and feel the power of creation supporting her all the way.

I hope that helps.  Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie  intuition girl

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