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Strange visions while sleeping

Posted by Intuition Girl

Hi Joan Marie,

I’m writing on behalf of my husband. He has been going through a spell for a few months now that when he goes to sleep, people are “visiting” him. He has had an older woman asking him to help find her sister. A old man talking to him but Bob can’t hear what he’s saying. He tries to read his lips but he can’t. Last night an old woman came. He felt like she was sitting next to him and she was showing him old time photos of herself (he thinks) in the 20’s style bathing suit and her different outfits. He’s also woken up in the middle of the night and seen “people” in my daughter’s room. He’s not afraid of them he just doesn’t know what to make of it all. They aren’t anyone that he knows. He’s also woken up and been paralyzed like something is inside him then it leaves and he can move.

Can you give us any insight into these “visitations”?

Thank you for any help/ in site that you can give.

Jeanine M

Hi Jeanine

It sounds like two things are going on. First, for whatever reason, your husband’s Soul is ready to open up and communicate with the other side. These experiences can continue for him and with him, if he wishes to allow them to happen. Secondly, I feel as though these vititations are from people who have lived in your home or the area many years ago. It would be interesting to find out if there was an old burial ground near you from hundreds of years ago.

It sounds like there is also a Spirit who is trying to play games with your husband. I am referring to the one who is trying to enter into his body. What I would do first is to have you and your husband state out loud : “Any and all negative spirits be removed from my home immediately and I command you to dare not penetrate my body.” You may also burn a white candle this helps to clear out any old energy. I am not saying anyone is negative but the one who is paralyzing him once in a while needs to go to the light. He may be earth bound.

This is all happening to your husband so he can allow himself to gain internal strength and start speaking up for what he really wants to create for himself. This one spirit is playing games with him. It is for your husband to say “no”, you do not have permisision to enter into my body or treat me like this. He needs to set the ground rules and tell this spirit that it is time to go to the light. Literally visualize him going to the light. Your husband has power but it is his responsibility to speak from power and strength.

With regard to the other souls hanging around, he can say to them, thank you for visiting me—it is time for you to go to the light.

Remember the deeper message is for your husband to gain clarity in his life and take command of what he wants to experience.

Many Blessings to you,

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