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Hello Ms. Whelan,

My name is Jameelah Scott. I was on the teleconference the other night and I am sure that your program will help me. I am a full time student with 2 children; a boy and a girl. I have known since I was a very little girl that I have a major purpose in life, but I have yet to see what it is. I feel like I have been going in circles and circles, being frustrated with where I am because I feel like there is so much more for me. I have read books such as the teachings of Jerry and Esther which also talk about manifesting your life. It was hard for me to digest at first because I grew up in a Christian background and I thought that if opened up to this teaching I would be in some way offending God. Anyway, I have made peace with that; however, I still haven’t seen a change. I am always approached by people saying that I have a gift but I do not see it. I am writing to see if you have any suggestions, I am not sure if I am doing the right thing by asking for help, but I am at the point where I will try just about anything. I do not know if you can feel it through this email, but I am soooo hungry and open to know how to hear and listen to my intuition, and I thank you in advance for your help.

Jameelah Scott

Dear Jameelah:

You are experiencing the same situation as many are or have been before you. A statement that I say often to people is: “ I wish you could see what I see.” Meaning you are a gift and I see the beautiful gifts that are in you and waiting to be revealed. In order for you to hear and know your own intuition you must spend time with the gift, that is “YOU.” When you consciously become aware of your intuition and your innate gifts, you will be able to utilize them all the time.

For starters, you are doing the right thing for asking for help. The key is to take the information you receive and apply it to your everyday living. The reason why you have not seen a change is because there might still be some guilt and war inside of you. God lives in all of us and he experiences himself/herself through all of us all the time. In order for you to have clarity with yourself, you must sit down and spend some quiet time with you and begin asking yourself on a daily basis what is it that I want to experience? If you want to experience peace on a daily basis then what are some very specific things you can do on a daily basis to begin experiencing inner peace? What are you thinking about all day long? Where do you place your focus? Remember in life the dance you do with your God is one of giving and receiving. In order for you to receive your gifts you must be the gift inside of you and be prepared to give it your all—in other words, to do your part. Everything stems from inside of you and the results are experienced on the outside as well as on the inside.

The greatest understanding and clarity you need to consider so that you can gain inner wisdom and consciousness is to pay attention to some very important desires, wishes or dreams that you want to experience; such as, “ What do you want to be doing everyday to earn a good living?” Then the next step is to begin moving in that direction so you can experience it. If you make up an excuse then you are only going to receive more excuses. In order to know and to listen to your intuition you must begin to be comfortable in your skin with silence as your partner and be open to listen to the answers. Your intuition is not a logical understanding machine, it is an inner knowing, a quiet whisper inside of you.

I suggest that if you are experiencing any fear or doubt in your body, you must release that emotion and learn to speak to its messages. This is only the beginning of the process. Please know I have a powerful product called “How to Tap Into Your Intuitive Powers” this is where I share what I have done on a daily basis to be so open and intuitive. You, too, can cultivate your intuitive powers—yes it takes work, yes you can accomplish it and yes it belongs to you.

If you want to learn “HOW”, you may click here for more information.

Many Blessings to you.

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