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Re-connect with your inner self

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Dear Joan Marie,

Please help me re-connect with my inner self.  During these difficult times, I want to be more grateful for where I am but it is difficult.  Do you have some suggestions?  I look forward to your insight.

Susan C.


Dear Susan:

This is a wonderful question and one that will help many of you at this time.  I have said this often and it is worth repeating, during these difficult times, we must be the solution.  Therefore, now more than ever it would benefit you to spend time with yourself in silence and meditation as you begin listening to your own Soul.  The conditions and situations that are occurring are not meant to be a punishment for any of you, therefore, it is important to remind yourself that the best place to turn to is inward—to your soul and your own personal resources.

I encourage you to focus on one thing every day for which you are grateful and really spend a few minute’s feeling the gratitude.  Reflect on the joy of that one experience and be open to the feeling of inner peace that fills your entire being.

I am always grateful for the food that feeds my body, for my automobile that keeps me safe, for the beautiful home that helps me feel secure, for my family who warms my heart, for my friends that help me laugh.   When you spend time reflecting on all that you have in a healthy and genuine way, your entire physiology changes.

Remember a really fun, joyous time as if it is happening right now and notice how that sweet memory makes you feel.  You will definitely notice the change not only in your mind but also in the way you act.  Once you can tap into that feeling, you will be able to go there often.  This will enable your mind to be open to receive joy as blessings  begin to fill your life.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie the gift intuition girl

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