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Maintain your stability

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Joan:

I feel as though I am the sounding board for so many people who are having difficult time and it is wearing me down too.  How can I maintain my stability and still be caring to others as I listen to their problems.

Charlotte K.


Dear Charlotte

It is not your job to take on other people’s problems (OPP) now or in the future.  Of course it is important to be compassionate and be caring towards others, but listening to their woos and supporting them as they feed into negative energy of being a victim is destructive for all parties.

I encourage you to stay away from critical minded and downtrodden personalities and surround yourself with positive thinking people who may or may not have problems but who are looking to gather strength and courage so they too can lift themselves up and focus on new opportunities and potentialities.

Be weary of those who want to dump their emotions on you and remind your friends that it is important to be respectful of each other’s emotions and feelings…this is truly a time for building each other up not pulling each other down.

Many blessings,

Joan Marie intuition girl

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