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I need to find a job in this economy

Posted by Intuition Girl

Joan Marie,

I have been trying to find a job for the past year. I’ve managed to get a few part time jobs, but they all ended abruptly due to the poor economy.

I am desperate to know if I will be getting a job in my field before my unemployment runs out the end of December? I have an interview on Monday and I am praying that I land this job.




Dear Lora:

An important point right now is to stay focused and continue to be persistent.  Even though you do not have employment, get up each day and plan your time wisely.  Map out your day and follow through.  Maintain a positive outlook and feed your mind and heart with inspirational messages and positive energy.  Do not feed into wow is me victim mode, sadness or worry.

Every night when you go to bed focus on one thing that you notice is going right in your life and express gratitude.  Energy is contagious and this focus will help bring in more.  There are jobs out there.  Get creative with your talents.  Remember you must be in alignment on the inside for what you want on the outside.  Write out in detail the type of job you want.  What kind of commute do you desire?  The type of environment you want to be in.  Don’t just say I will take any job—be specific and read your statement out loud every day.  This way the Universe knows what you want; you have asked and a job will surface in perfect timing.

Use this time to the best of your advantage.   Enjoy the freedom that this time offers and make sure you smile and incorporate fun and exercise into your plan.

Many Blessings,
Joan Marie intuition girl

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  1. Jack Says:


    I’m at wit’s end. How does someone manifest a new job in this gloomy economy? It seems impossible!

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