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How to cope with life’s circumstances

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Dear Joan Marie,

flowerforyouI have a question for you.  Have you ever stopped to notice how some people just seem to cope better with life’s circumstances? I look around me and I see people laughing and having fun and somehow I feel as though I am missing something. Is it because they’re lucky or is it because they’ve just learned how to accept the blessings that life has given them?   I could use some insight about now.

Thanks ,

Gloria Jean


Dear Gloria Jean,

I want to answer you question with a little story.  It is all about changing your perception in life.

Recently I had a lively conversation with an elderly gentleman; who out of the blue, began telling me a little bit about his life story.   We were both sitting in the park and he was observing some young people whose hair color, style and their behavior seemed very strange to him.

Needless to say, he began speaking in a soft tone about his travels around the world – how he’d jumped over 100 times from a plane during the Vietnam war in ‘68, and about the pride he had in his son, who is now in the military.

As he spoke, he had a gleam in his eye and he never once complained about the troubles he had seen or experienced.  He was such an inspiration, in fact, that words escaped me.  As I continued to listen to this man, I could feel a sense of happiness – and a sense of radiance.  Suddenly, it dawned on me that he was walking with a rolling walker.  I guess he noticed my catching the sight of his walker, when he said, “Yep…I got this when they had to take half my leg in Vietnam,” he continued, “The docs have done all they could for me, and I’m just blessed to be here today.”

Getting “past the hard stuff” had apparently been his motto in life; and here he was today walking with half a leg, and never once blaming anyone or anything.  I imagine that through all his trials, he had never thought of them as such.  Challenges, maybe…but never bad luck.  Then I began thinking about how during the entire conversation, I had never noticed his “handicap;” presumably because the man never let on that he had one.

You see, getting past the hard stuff in life is what makes us grow and learn. It’s not that God is punishing us for being who we are – He’s merely giving us a push to get us going to where we need to be in life.  I never got the older man’s name, but I assume wherever he is right now, he is glowing in his radiance, and enjoying the life that God has given him.  Shouldn’t we all be thankful for the life God has given us?  Start smiling and do something that will bring fun into your life.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

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