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How do I know when to call it quits?

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Joan,

It has been a couple years since I started my business, I borrowed what would have been my inheritance from my father. I’ve worked relentlessly every day for the past 2 years, I can’t remember the last vacation or even day off.

I’ve always wanted my father to be proud of me so I know I did this business for myself as well as for him. I do enjoy every day but it has been quite a struggle.

I thought by now I would perhaps be returning the favor to my father ten fold, but that is not the case, I am in the real estate business and my business is going down the tubes due to the market decline.

My question to you is, how do I know when to call it quits, I’m not a quitter but I don’t want to drag my father down any further. He’s been so supportive and I’ve borrowed more then my rightful share.

Should I close the business and get a job? Should I attempt to get a small business loan and give it more time? I appreciate any insight you may have.
Blessings & Namaste,


Joan Marie’s Answer

My feeling is you had this idea and inspiration for a reason. I feel like the business that you are in is a great opportunity; however, your foundation is weak and you have many loopholes that are preventing you from creating the flow of productivity. I do not feel like the answer is to keep spending money to make something work. I feel; however, that you need to gain a better insight and knowledge and even possibly find a mentor to give you support and guidance. All real estate businesses are not collapsing. There are always opportunities to be had in difficult times. It would be valuable for you to find out what you need to do right in order to make your business prosper.

The root of all situations in life is our emotions
. The Universe is a feeling Universe and you need to see how you are feeling every single day in order to create. Possibilities do exist everywhere but your eyes are not on them.

Make this about you, not your father. Do not feel bad he has given you money; he did so because he wanted to. The problem is in your emotions. Again, I suggest that you work on your foundation, your core so that you are better equipped to create the change and momentum that you are craving. There are plenty of people thriving in this economy today, why aren’t you? In my lifestyle makeover programs, I have helped numerous people not only create their blueprint to bring in money but also to discover their purpose.

The answer is not necessarily to go into more debt, the answer is can you create a solution in the next 30 to 60 days and what is it? Work on a blueprint for yourself. Learn from this and grow, you have many great lessons and the fact that you have held on for so long means you are a winner and a success. Prepare to be open for change and all the possibilities that await you.

Many Blessings,

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