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Creating positive energy in your life

Posted by Intuition Girl

I had a failed family business in 2007, and lost my relationship (I am gay). He told me it was him and not me.

With all this in my life, it was more than I wanted to deal with, so I came very close to ending my life. Looking for some bright star, and having no faith in God, I decided to go see a card reader.

She was dead on with everything about my life, but told me that my partner left because I had a negative energy around me.

She told me he was still very much in love with me and wanted to be with me and that he was coming back, and we would be together for life.

Also, money issues have been very hard, and the reader told me that I would not have anymore money issues, that I had a very big check coming in from some where, but the negative energy was stopping it.

I since have turned to God and asked him to save me and help with my Life, I have been giving my life to God and God has done some great things in my life.

The reader called me, and told me I need to stay strong and positive, and I do.

I have been giving her a large sum of money that I don’t have, but she asks me if I trust her and I do.

Can you tell me if what I have told you is true or not and should I stay with her and trust her? Thank you for your time.


Dear Kiamens:

My first suggestion to you is—please immediately—stop paying this woman. Anyone who says you have negative energy around you and does not teach you or give you the tools to help you may not be honorable. Negative energy could be your sadness from the relationship and fear; it can be about so many things including experiences from childhood. I understand that you are paying her, however, what is she doing to help you release the negative thoughts and beliefs and sadness in your life? I know there are people who do a pray ritual with you for forty days and you can pay them a fee but they also have you do the same ritual for yourself and at the same time teach you various steps.

My question to you is how is she helping you change and are you seeing a difference with her for your life? My message is strong—only you can decide the value received.

There are numerous people who come to me after spending thousands of dollars on other sources because someone said they were “doomed and cursed.”

I would like you to believe that each and everyone of us has the power to turn any situation around. You can work with God yourself and pray for a resolution. I encourage you to be clear on the real situations that you do want in your life. As far as your partner is concerned, please know as you heal yourself and as your heart becomes more open to trusting and receiving unconditional love, you will open the door for the right person to be with you because their soul will be ready and in alignment with your energy patterns.

Why specific situations may not have always gone in your favor is because the root in your core beliefs is not in alignment with the end result of what you want. If I offer my Manifestation Method Program in the fall this course will give you very specific and detailed tools in HOW you can create in your life on a daily basis the desires of your heart. Many blessings to you.

Many Blessings.

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