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Career Uncertainty After Relocation

Posted by Intuition Girl

Hello Joan Marie.

I don’t know if you have the ability to see the future, but I am really at a crossroad right now. My husband is in the interview process with a big company in Florida. I am a teacher and once I start a school year, I can’t really leave the school until the end of the year.

Should I not get a teaching job this year so that we can potentially move to Florida with my husband’s possible new job?

I just thought I would try asking you!



Hi Christie:

Thank you for your question. Please be aware that all questions for the newsletter should be general in nature so that they can benefit all of my readers. Please know that I am still taking private clients so if you or others want personal questions answered, you can always call the office to book your private session.

Yes, Christie, I do see the future and can help you with your situation. What I can say to you is that the situation that you are in right now is more about you and your husband communicating your needs to the right parties involved. Life would be so much easier for all of us if we could learn to communicate exactly what is on our minds in a positive and healthy manner so that we could make the right decisions for our lives. There is no reason for your husband not to speak to whomever he is interviewing with all the facts. It just might serve you both if he said something like this: “I would really like to have this job opportunity because I feel most suited to handle it for you and your company, however, my wife is also employed as a teacher and we will both need to discuss this. As you probably know the new school year starts shortly and I would like my wife to be able to move with me so if we can come to some agreement shortly, it would be most helpful to us since she will need to give ample notice to leave her position. When will you know if I am hired for the job?”

Christie, may I also suggest that if you really want to continue to teach, let your staff know the possibility of a move and whether there is another position for you this year or how can you handle this in a way that would benefit all involved.

I do not believe that the Universe is trying to pull you in any specific direction. Rather it is for you and your husband to step up and become leaders in your own lives and more specifically over this situation. I suggest that you both become crystal clear with what it is you both really wish to experience and create. Please realize that we do have a say in the creation of our own lives.

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