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Break the cycle and become a leader

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Joan Marie,

I seem to be attracting sickness and pain for my self and for those in my family.  It is certainly not what I want but none-the-less here it is.  I need to break the cycle that I am experiencing.

Please help me and give me some suggestions. I am ready to listen.

Thank you,

Kelly K from Phoenix


Dear Kelly:

You are awesome!!  You have already made the decision that you are a leader.  When painful situations come into our lives, I do not believe they are present to punish us but to awaken us to become more fully present and grounded in the moment.  Sometimes our mind become cluttered with too many thoughts which leads us to overload.  If you have time to meditate it would be helpful.  If not, when you go to bed at night ask your guardian angels to clear the fog and help you to understand the real purpose of these unfortunate happenings. What I see for you and so many is that an old experience from your past is coming to the surface to be healed.

Since you are clearly ready for new beginnings, I am asking you to write out, in detail, how is it you wish to feel every single day.  Can you right now in the midst of the pain go within and declare how it is you want to feel each day?  Feel the sunlight living in your body and allow this energy to fill you with warmth and love.

Start today to train your cells to feed off of feelings of relief and joy instead of pain.  Since you are ready to create a new story you must do something new every day to enhance the good in your life.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie Intuition Girl

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