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Trust your heart

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  1. get this to the middle schoolers and I'll help you teach em! Says:

    Heard you with Nita Tues. WoW! Do you know what’s different about you and your approach?
    I do. and it is what I need today
    I know em all, I’ve coresponed with Myss,
    , etc. but Wow…
    Your abilty to Break up AND DIRECT THE action needed to be
    taken (time 5 to 7 min.) 3 wks. , 3 months-yada yada
    Is SO those of us who have taken the time , gone within. I stayed still all of 2008 – went with in -created more amazing stuff.
    but the tenacity and commitment is where deep help (like God with skin on em) is imperative for me…but friggn where!?
    -But more than that,….and this is where your own coaches may help gobs of people! Where can I call you – I most likely will need few private sessions.. my book is written, spiritual line of clothing is in process
    ..BUT- SOMETHING IS HANGING ME UP.. Too much creativity is no longer my friend.

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