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Wealth Freedom: Do You Have the Midas Syndrome?

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There are many individuals who have a false sense of perception as to what achieving wealth means. For a number of people, having millions upon millions of dollars would simply not be enough to satisfy their every desire. This was sort of the case with the Greek mythological King Midas. Though a kind ruler, he had a tendancy to be absent minded. Especially when he was granted one wish by the god Dionysus. Not giving any serious thought or clear intention as to what he truly wanted, the King simply replied, “I wish for everything I touch to turn to gold.”

And so the story goes: poor Midas – though now more “wealthier” than ever — lost more in his wish than he gained. In addition to not being able to eat anything, the King’s own daughter was turned to a gold statue by the touch of his hand. As time went on, his entire palace had turned to solid gold. Returning to the god Dionysus, King Midas pleaded to have the golden touch removed. When everything was said and done, Midas was moor impoverished than he had ever been in his life, but he felt wealthy for having gained the things and people back in his life — and that’s what mattered the most.

Are you wishing for the King Midas touch? Like the story goes, we must be careful for what we wish, and make our intentions clear before we spring into action. You see, even though we may desire wealth, we must decide first what our definition of wealth exactly is. If we choose a lifestyle that makes us happy, and brings happiness to us; then we have indeed chosen the right path. Using your intuition helps because your intuitive voice tells you what is the right course to achieving happiness and prosperity.

Think of your intuition as a direct lifeline to your heart. Your heart is what drives you – what motivates you. And when we listen…truly listen to what it is our heart desires, we can achieve the wealth and happiness that comes with all the successfulness of true prosperity.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Your Intuition Expert

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