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Take some time for yourself this summer

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I have been down the Jersey Shore enjoying the blue skies- filled with some white fluffy clouds and plenty of sunshine.  I have been using the lazy summer days at the beach to bring me to a place where I have taken time to meditate and enjoy my writings as I focus on the next level of my career.

While I was enjoying my time swimming in the ocean, mostly diving through the big rough waves right before they crash on the shoreline I noticed how some people were caught off guard in the rush of the mighty waves as they were tossed around; however, several others swam out a bit further which allowed them to enjoy the ride of the waves or simply have fun jumping them.

As I was people watching, I began to realize those who were experiencing fear weren’t able to respond quickly to the roughness of the ocean and as a result were knocked down while those who seized the moment and moved quickly with the calm intervals of the ocean were happy, playful and enjoying the ride.  This is a great metaphor for life.  Are you coming from fear, which causes you to get caught up in the turbulence of life, or are you staying alert as you take swift action realizing that your journey can be easier and more relaxed if you learn how to jump the waves at the right moment?

As I came in from the water two adorable little girls greeted me and had a question to ask.  They were about five years old.  They asked me with great enthusiasm and excitement if the water was really rough.  I said “Yes, it is!!!”  They were cute to watch as they played along the shoreline but they expressed their desire to go into the ocean—I guess I looked like a friendly candidate to accommodate them.

When I was a little child, we went to the ocean every summer to swim and play as we made our castle in the sand.  I must confess I could spend most of my days at the beach because that glorious energy brings me to a place of calm and serenity.

While I was tackling the ocean Mom was busy spending time with her High School friends.  They had a summer reunion.  It was such a treat for me to meet the gang for dinner one night at Mom’s friends home on the bay.  It was fun to hear the stories of their childhood experiences. I felt fortunate to meet the gang and be a part of this special moment in time as they sang songs from the past – took fun pictures and shared their life’s journey.

One of mom’s friends is a small plane pilot and I will be flying with her this September.  I made a decision that I want to learn how to fly planes—and this will be my first taste of being in a small aircraft; this is just another one of my desires and ambitions.   Thanks to Mom’s reunion the door was opened and I will be starting this new journey in the fall.  I will keep you posted on my first experience in a small plane.   I hope you are taking some time for yourself this summer.  Enjoy the blessings of being you.

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