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Intuition Girl’s Take on Death and Dying

Posted by Intuition Girl

At some point in our lives, we will have to come to terms with death and dying. While some of us may have been very young when we first encountered the tragedy of this inevitable life transition, some of us now find ourselves facing this sorrowful fate…and acceptance of the end of life.

Expectedly, it is the phrase “end of life” that triggers many of the painful emotions associated with the loss of a loved one. It is that “finality” that we must face; and it’s very difficult for many to accept. Finding the positive in the tragic event of death is harder still. But when we reflect on the “life” of our loved ones, we rediscover the joy and happiness that we once shared. And it’s in those quiet times when we sense the love of those we’ve lost, that we instantly reconnect — soul to soul.

You see, the “end of life” is not so much an ending as it is a new beginning. As with each book, we reach an “ending,” but we move forward to create new chapters in a new “book of life.” We don’t have to forget our loved ones — that is the beauty of having our own virtual library. Any time we wish to retrieve the “life book” of our loved one, we need only reach deep within to the virtual library of our heart and mind — and there s/he will be.

Death and dying is never easy, but when we learn to accept that life does go on, we learn acceptance and rediscover the living energy of our loved ones — and energy never dies, it merely transforms.


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Joan Marie, Intuition Girl


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2 Responses to “Intuition Girl’s Take on Death and Dying”

  1. Elaine Williams Says:

    As a widow of four years I can attest to the fact that life does go on, and sometimes life takes wonderful and unexpected twists and turns after the loss of a loved one, if we keep our hearts and minds open to opportunities as they come to us. I believe there is always a message in every tragedy, and an opportunity for growth — at least that has been my experience. Thank you. Elaine

  2. Barbara Reboratti Says:

    As a mother of a daughter who was killed at age 19 seven years ago, I concur with Elaine that life does move forward even when I don’t want it to. *grin*
    I always have the pain of physically losing touch with my Allison. Her hugs were wonderful and I still ache to hold her and cup her face in my hands.
    Her death, however, has catapaulted me into life situations where I have been profoundly touched by beautiful souls on this earth. I gave up my “paying” job to volunteer as a crime victim advocate and also a volunteer with The Compassionate Friends.
    I work harder and longer than ever before and the payback far exceeds any dollar amount on a check.
    My friend and I went to the Museum of Art in Phila., PA, and on our way back to the train station, there was a needy woman holding a cup in her hand. I stopped and emptied my pockets of dollar bills and change when our eyes met. My friend was aghast and chastised me for promoting beggars. Then she reminded me that I no longer had the money to pay for the train ticket home.
    It’s okay, I said, I know I’ll find a way to get home.
    We boarded the train together and she pressed some money into my hands. As the conductor came down the aisle to collect the money, he took it from my friend, but said he’d come back the next time around to collect mine.
    Each time he passed by, I tried to get his attention to collect my ticket fare. But he never did.
    I tried to give my friend her money back, but she said it was just all too eerie for her and she wouldn’t take it.
    As we walked from the train station to my car, there was an elderly couple searching through their pockets/purse for parking money, so I walked up to them and handed them the ticket money. They didn’t want to take it until I said, “please, I need to do this.” They wanted my address so they could re-pay me, so I just smiled and said, “when you see another in need, just give them the money and you will have repaid me.” Our eyes met and I knew we understood each other.
    Things like this just come over me and then I get a vision of my beloved Allison smiling at me and giving me a high-five.
    I thank her and I thank God for such blessings. She is a profound Spirit with the same personality she had on earth and I tell her affectionately that she’s “using me” to do all the things she would have done had she remained earthbound.
    I’d love nothing more than to have a past life regression hypnosis to see what role we played in each other’s past lives on earth. I think we go way back.
    My friend says if I wasn’t so prone to give whatever money I have to someone else, then I’d have some savings to pay for such hypnosis.
    The more I give away, the more I get. And I rather like it this way.
    It’s not about money, it’s about human interaction and connections. In her 19 short years on this earth, my daughter taught me so well … and continues teaching me.
    What I give of my time or my money comes back tenfold to me.
    It’s a very healing journey.
    Bless you Joan Marie for being who you are.

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