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How important are you?

Posted by Joan

In a recent story, I read how one teacher made a phenomenal and positive impact on her high school seniors. She handed out blue ribbons to each one that stated, “Who you are makes arose difference.” But the story didn’t end there; she explained why each child was important to her and to the class. Additionally, she handed three extra blue ribbons (to each student) to hand out to others for the same purpose. What transpired was beyond miraculous as one of the blue ribbons inspired one man to become a better person, and even stopped a potential suicide. Imagine having the capability to inspire someone to lead a happier life and inspiring someone else to just live — all through simple recognition?

How important are you? Well, that is truly in the eye of the beholder; but I want to tell you today that who you are makes a difference. In the endless paradox of society, each of us holds a valuable place on the grand stage of life. While some of us are called to duty to be mothers, fathers, leaders, engineers, teachers, and service workers, (among others) we are all a critical part of the Universal flow of energy. What we do today, affects others tomorrow. That’s why it is so important to develop positive patterns in life. When we support, encourage and recognize others, remarkable things happen to us. We learn that by showing appreciation, we are appreciated. We learn that by servicing others, service is reciprocated to us. By showing affection, we gain more love. You see, the power of the importance of you is what keeps the flow of Universal energygoing. One good turn deserves another…and that’s what makes the world a much more special place in which to live.

If you think you are not valued, you are certainly wrong. The mere fact that you have taken the time to read this article makes you an important person to me. This means that you are ready to receive recognition and are ready to accept blessings that are waiting for you at this very moment. When you have a positive attitude of gratitude, you arechildready to become a vital part of the Universal flow of energy. It also means that you are ready to transform your life into a healthier, happier, and more prosperous one.

How, do you ask? Begin making a conscious effort to be grateful for everything and everyone in your life. Here are some simple pointers:

  • Thank individuals and acknowledge others more frequently;
  • Promote and carry out random acts of kindness;
  • Offer assistance whenever you can;
  • Express sincere interest in others.

Remember what I said earlier? One good turn deserves another. The more you offer your unconditional love, appreciation, and service to others — the more you receive in return. That’s the critical element to keeping the positive Universal flow of energy going. Additionally, you learn that being important to others is much greater and nobler than being important to yourself.

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