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5 Human Misconceptions that Weaken your Humanity

Posted by Intuition Girl

In life, people will sometimes shock or surprise you with their actions or inactions. Take a pair of twins for example: both can have identical looks, even identical talents, and in a lot of cases, identical intelligence. Regardless of their conception, despite their exacting appearances, each twin has his or her own soul and his or her own perceptions of life in general. Human beings are quite complex to say the least; but all that aside, there are certain perceptions (rather, misconceptions) that weaken your humanity. See these top misconceptions people commonly have:

1. Race. Race is not necessarily always the issue, but people of varying shades are often misperceived to be something they are or are not. When you automatically believe that one race is one way based on past experiences, teachings or environment then you are not allowing an open mind to see beyond the skin-deep veil. All humans are of the same origin. When our Creator crafted this beautiful human species, the potential for humanity was far greater than the colors of our skin. Perceiving that someone is less than you, or perhaps even greater than you based on skin tone is a perception that only weakens you. Go past the outer layers by practicing patience, understanding, compassion and respect to find the insight and beauty that lies within.

2. Culture. This hodgepodge we call Earth is a great melting pot of diversity. We all come from various backgrounds and cultures. While some of our great grandparents may have come to the Americas during the colonial days, others may have deep Native American roots; still others may be a mixed genealogical makeup of Asian, European, African, and North and South American. Across the continental divides are numerous cultures and belief systems that to some are quite normal, to others strange and exotic. I tend to embrace culture and take everything with a grain of salt. The greatest thing one can do is learn and apply forbearance in everyday living.

3. Sex. The connotations regarding males and females are often way off base. Some may say males are the stronger sex, and females the smarter one. Truth of the matter is that all human beings, regardless of sex, have each their own unique talents and strengths to bring to the table. There are no set rules defining which sex is greater, stronger, smarter or more likeable. In fact, we each complement one another with our own attributes – which often make life much easier. Become more nonjudgmental when approaching the opposite sex. When you do, you open yourself up to more positive interaction and productivity.

4. Religion. Religion becomes a hot mess because each individual is passionate about his or her own belief system. What may be a way of normal life to some, may be shocking and intolerable to others. Here is the good news: you can practice your own belief system without intruding on other beliefs by learning to agree to disagree. No religion is perfect just like no human being is perfect. Truth is many of us need some connectivity to a Higher Power to help us in our daily lives and to offer us the motivation and inspiration to carry on day in and day out. Practice to live within your own scope of religious beliefs with the attitude of “live and let live”. When you do, the world will become a much more peaceful place.

5. Age. Whether some believe it or not, we will all age over time. The hard part is learning how to respect one another enough to reach a common ground. Younger people often see the elderly as “out of touch” or “too old fashioned”; whereas the older generation may see youth as “too bold” and “too immature”. What many fail to see is the potential that each group can share with one another. Imagine the possibilities that exist when we take the time to share knowledge, technology, history and values. There are so many ways to inspire, motivate and challenge each other with our own sets of ideas, visions and skills. Start today by practicing sharing and caring – amazing what great minds can do together.

In the end, we all leave similar footprints in the sand. There is no color, no age, no culture, no defining characters except a set of prints walking along the shore. Eventually, the tides will creep up and wash away the traces. The message is we are all here for only a little while. Let’s leave imprints of our compassion and love in others so our footprints, though washed away, will remain in the hearts of those we have touched.

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© 5 Human Misconceptions that Weaken your Humanity
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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