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Gut Instinct Global Twitter Event

Posted by Intuition Girl

Joan Marie Whelan to Host Interactive International #GI Twitter Event


When’s the last time you had a “GI” checkup? What I’m talking about is pure, unadulterated “Gut Instinct.”  We all have it, but we don’t always use it wisely.  We hear it, but we don’t listen to it.  We feel it, but we don’t put it to good use.  We see it, but we close our eyes. That’s why I, Intuition Girl — along with social media guru, CarolAnnB, are going to be hosting the first-ever, interactive and International #GI event on twitter! I want to talk with you, one-on-one, on how to successfully use your GI to unleash your true entrepreneurial spirit during these tough economic times.  It’s up to you to decide whether or not you succeed in life.  No one has tied invisible chains around you.  I promise you that when you are ready to accept the blessings of the Universe, that you will be willing, ready, and able to create the positive and productive lifestyle that you are intended to lead.

Your intuitive wisdom (GI) is nothing short from a goldmine when you facilitate it to create real, material wealth in your life. And believe me, there is material wealth all around you — in your home, your family, your friends, your work, and with all those who connect with you on higher levels of energetic intuitiveness.  Like you, I’ve been watching the world react as this global economic crisis has infiltrated all walks of life. Subsequently, I’ve noticed how many individuals have reacted to this crisis — some have found reserves in strength and creativity they never thought they had, while others have dwindled to the wayside. That’s the power of an economic crisis — it can weed out the weak, and usher in the empowered.  You too, can be empowered during these tough financial times; but it depends on whether or not you know how to create momentum in your life when your GI starts talking to you. Are you listening to it?

Next, I want to hear your side of the story. How has this economic environment impacted you; and more importantly, what is your gut instinct telling you to do to overcome this temporary hurdle?  Remember, there are no absolutes and no accidents in life.  We flow in the synchronicity of the Universal flow of energy. Whatever happens in life — whether internally or externally — it happens to help us develop into true spiritual beings, who can discover inner peace and wisdom to grow and prosper. This upcoming GI event on Twitteris designed with you in mind. Allow me, Joan Marie Whelan, to make a difference in how you view the world around you; and how to hone in on your GI so you can transform your life into one worth living and loving.  You are all so special to me, and for that, I am grateful.

Please confirm your attendance at the Interactive International #GI Twitter Event planned for Thursday, May 21 @ 8-9pm EST by leaving a brief comment (or question you’d like to see addressed) on this blog post.  I look forward to speaking with you and helping you to create the life you’re destined to live by unleashing your entrepreneurial spirit!

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Interactive International #GI Twitter Event planned for

Thursday, May 21 @ 8-9pm EST

How to use your GI (Gut Instinct)
to Unleash your Entrepreneurial Spirit in Tough Economic Times

Don’t get left out of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate!

2 Responses to “Gut Instinct Global Twitter Event”

  1. Head Health Nut Says:

    Hi Intuition Girl – thanks for sharing your knowledge, success and tips with us in this exciting upcoming Twitter event!

    I have a question I hope you can answer. Here’s the set-up: Many people handle stress with destructive past-times like smoking, tv, video games, drinking, drugs, over-eating, shopping, procrastinating, over-working, etc… What I’ve found is that these distractions help pull you further out of balance and actually interfere in clear communication with our intuition.

    Question: when you’re out of balance and practicing unhealthy (usually unconscious) behaviour, how can you TRUST yourself to hear your intuition over your fearful subconscious?

  2. Jerypt Says:

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