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Behavior Modification

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The words “behavior modification” sound like a tall order to carry, but in actuality, they’re really no different than “life improvement,” “inspired living,” “lifestyle enhancement,” or “achieving inner peace.” Because, when we seek to improve our lives through inspired living, our lifestyles are definitely enhanced and we do achieve inner peace – all through the power of simple behavior modification. :)

It’s sometimes difficult to walk away from the normal routines we’ve become accustomed to; but we don’t have to walk away entirely, perhaps we merely need to change direction in how we go about doing the things that we do from day to day. Did I lose you? We don’t have to walk away from our lifestyle; we merely need to facilitate a third-person perspective as to what we are doing and how we are doing it.

Using our intuition, we can begin the behavior modification process so we better understand how to manifest happiness and prosperity in our lives. Truly, we must begin to trust what our gut feelings are telling us. Nine times out of ten, our inner wisdom is right on cue. When we pay attention to it, behavior modification comes second nature to us. No longer do we see old patterns as the only way to achieving inner peace and prosperity – we discover new ways and new opportunities that are right affront of us.

The most important part about the behavior modification process is to toss out the words “behavior modification” and view it as “life improvement,” or “lifestyle enhancement.” When we do, we begin seeing the world a bit more clearly and life gets a little bit easier day by day. We move in baby steps – one at a time until we’ve achieved the life we want to live; and when all is said and done – you’re behavior and actions become balanced with the universal flow of energy.

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Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

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Behavior Modification
By Joan Marie Whelan

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2 Responses to “Behavior Modification”

  1. Julie Cusmariu Says:

    HI Joan.
    I love how you reframed Behavior Modifcation. Thanks for the article. I was just asked about behavior modification by one of my clients and I will add your share to my roster of interpretations. It is so true that when we can intuitively tune in to what is true for us in the moment, the next and best action and opportunity does result. Thanks for writing about this and sharing.
    All the best,

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