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Is your well-being important to you?

Posted by Joan

We are a diverse group of people, with many different thoughts, beliefs and feelings about what we consider to be our optimum well-being. As I was researching this topic because I believe in it totally, I discovered that the most ideal State where people experience the most healthy well-being is in Hawaii and the worst is West Virginia.

Emotional Well Being Of course most of us would say Hawaii is so beautiful that it is a given. However, even though they have many natural preserves and ideal scenery, it isn’t only the natural environment that is the only factor, it is also the emotional state of the people who reside in a particular location that needs to be considered.

We, the people who live in the different parts of the country are the ones who actually determine the response that is felt and that contributes to the healthy or ‘less than’ outcome.

No matter where you live, it is the emotional and mental outlook, your state of mind that influences how you feel and how you actually respond to life’s challenges. Your physical health, which includes the level of exercise and mobility that a person achieves daily also contributes to your overall well-being.

As a species, we need to enjoy the moments of our lives as they unfold. That absolutely requires us to reduce our stress level, release our anxiety and exhibit less anger and resentment. A tall order for a society that is highly motivated and decidedly driven to push the limits of our lives daily.

Being grateful and expressing appreciation for who you are and what you have is also an attribute that will foster greater positive feelings and thoughts. Sharing and being compassionate towards others is an asset. Why you might ask-because when you give out of concern or express caring to another you actually feed your soul and help heal your own inner misgivings at the same time.

We all have strengths and weaknesses but the key is to be conscious of what really serves you and know what depletes you on a regular basis. When you exercise more, have fewer addictions such as smoking or drugs and also have a job that you absolutely enjoy, your life and your lifestyle improves markedly. It is, therefore, imperative that each one of us takes responsibility for where we are on our Earthly journey and then decide how we want it to continually play out. In other words, be accountable for your behavior and your attitudes because they matter.

Maybe it is time for you to pay attention to where you are placing your focus and how you wish your life to play out? Change is possible for each one of us. When you are open to experience change and allow it to alter your behavior and environment you will be inspired to live your best life yet. You have the opportunity to create the lifestyle that will encourage an improved state of mind as well as an enhanced overall healthy pattern to a more meaningful life.

Make a commitment to yourself to examine the experiences that you are facing today and decide if they are actually serving you or hindering your health and well-being. As always, each one of us gets to decide how we want to feel d


There is always a reason for our pain

Posted by Joan

Question to ask yourself: Are you bringing pain upon yourself?

That is, are you experiencing pains because of the choices that you made? It's Your Time We all have life lessons that must be learned or we will go through them over and over again until we get them right. Yes-it is painful to experience those situations but God is stronger than we are and he will not relent on us. He knows why we came to Earth and one of the main reasons is so that we grow, change and deal with our issues.

If we continually refuse to learn our lessons, those situations will continually surface in one form or another until we are ready to pay attention and make the necessary changes in our course direction.

We need to take the time to understand and recognize all those reasons of why we have had these situations surface and re-surface over and over again. Of course, it is uncomfortable to have these experiences but the key in life is no matter what is going on we must come from the mindset that we are a leader over our lives and we are in charge. Don’t allow your experiences, your past or your emotions to take you out. It is time for you to tap into your wholeness and truly honor the strength and courage inside of you!

I want to persuade you to start waking up to your life’s lessons! Start becoming stronger and more willing to understand why this painful portion in your life is a piece of the puzzle that can become a force for good. Get up and go out of your old way of thinking and start opening your mind, your heart and your soul for opportunities that will enable you to finally learn your lesson. If you need guidance or direction, seek it. Call and make an appointment with me allow me to be a part of your support team.

Balance's LifeThis is your time to try to find a purpose for your future. Believe it, live your life that way and know that this difficult moment in time will pass. Know that in the end, you will be able to stand tall and say: “I did it! I got through it and I understand the purpose and reason for it now; that is why I am thankful to the Lord for showing me the way.”

Each one of us experiences some form of pain in our lives. Know that it is for a purpose and that as you move beyond your difficulties, a new beginning is being birthed and waiting for you to stand in your glory.

No matter what kind of background you started out in or what you have been told, your future is solely in your hands. This is your time to strengthen your confidence, broaden your thinking and ignite your passion for what brings you Joy in your life. You and you alone hold the key for your glory! You and you alone have the power to change your environment and your attitude and Yes, you and you alone can improve and realize what your future will hold for you when you become full of the wisdom bestowed upon you by the Lord and stop ignoring those things inside of you that will thrust you forward towards your greatness.

Don’t give your personal demons the power over your mind-body or spirit. Your future depends upon you! It is your right to make your life something to be proud of-if you choose it!

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