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You have the power to shift your attitude and behavior for the better

Posted by Joan


I believe we are in a crisis in the world today and many people feel caught up in worry, fear and anxiety so they act out foolishly to numb their discomfort. There are more people drinking too much today, taking drugs and smoking pot than ever before in our history. There are a lot of mixed signals through the media and the entertainment world that filters into our everyday lives. Many of us have lost our ability to make sound judgment and don’t know how to differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy.

Because of all of these factors, families, children and even people in the workplace are having a hard time functioning at their optimum. Instead they are lashing out in anger, resentment and violence and feeling justified for their behavior.

Self-expression and our ability to ask questions in a healthy manner is using our higher intelligence correctly; however, knowingly harming or injuring others because of our poor behavior or attitude is destructive and wrong. If we want to live in balance and harmony within ourselves and with others, we must cultivate an open willingness to listen to the other side of the story and be tolerant of others. This is the natural progression of how life is supposed to flow. Just like the ocean waves. They all flow in harmony but each wave expresses itself in a different way. When the wave has completed its creative expression, it simply flows back to the whole. There is no violent eruption or disruptive change in there patterns. This self-expression is a natural and normal way of growing and learning. All of us need to broaden our thinking and transform it so we can realize a more pure sense of being as we filter out for ourselves a sense of meaning in our lives. Without a sense of meaning and purpose, we become ill and disjointed both individually and collectively as a world.

protect your energy

I believe it is time for each one of us to do a reality check. To slow down, quiet the mind and seek the guidance from within. None of us are ideally capable of helping others until we deal with our own hurts, pains and dysfunctional behavior.

This is the time to open our hearts and souls to accept and acknowledge the truth that we have the power within to achieve a life full of great joy and peaceful co-existence. It is possible when we choose to move into a consciousness that God has gifted us with, an opening to our true self and purpose.

Knowing that we cannot force another to do something they do not want to do or respond to, we certainly can lead and teach by example. Take responsibility for your actions and behavior and continue walking with love in your heart. That is a wonderful way to ignite change in the world.

Do You Sometimes Feel Dysfunctional?

Posted by Joan

Do you sometimes feel dysfunctional?

timing is everythingIt is a most uncomfortable period in our lives to be caught up in the dysfunctional periods where nothing seems to be flowing and everything feels difficult to manage. I know that feeling because I have experienced it, however, I can truthfully say that as I was going through it, I was able to find a sense of ease and flow as I tried to understand what was happening in my life. Answers did not come immediately but with time, I was able to see more clearly the larger picture, which helped me stop challenging and start accepting the process of life.

Timing is everything! This is the perfect time to explore all those areas within us that are holding us back or preventing us from receiving our best.

If you are having this experience, maybe it is time for you to slow down your energy and see what needs to be done differently in order for your life to flow once again. I admit it is an uncomfortable time yet I suggest that you may need to simply be patient. Did you ever think that possibly God is trying to get your attention and cause you to think through all those areas of your life that aren’t working? Without a doubt, it will force you to examine your various situations. Maybe this test in time is necessary in order for you to better understand where you need to be so you can appropriately achieve your best. God always has a plan for us so don’t get overly frustrated; instead use this time for your good.

Timing is everything! I didn’t like to hear those words because I believed I was prepared but I know that if I am not flowing the way I expect, God must be telling me that I need more refining; I have more work to do in order to flow freely. Never underestimate the power of God! God is putting us in certain situations to let us better know about those areas that need our attention and improved concentration. God wants us to stir our gifts and talents and refine our interests. He wants us to rise up and do something that will make us shake off our disappointments and seek out better ways to get us to our deserved destination.

We are all well able to accomplish our true purpose for ourexamining yourself lives. God is preparing us for our new opportunities and our new growth. This is not the time to complain or to feel defeated but rather to ready our minds, body and emotional state. Sometimes our set backs are Divinely orchestrated, so I ask you to slow down your mind, be patient with yourself and see if God is using your situations to refine you, improve your mind set and redirect your energy. Is this your time to grow stronger, more confident and more resilient? Only you can answer that question!

I do, however, ask you not to move into a state of depression or doubt, but rather, use this time to trust God, gain greater insight and stay in faith knowing that She/He has a far greater vision for your life than you can imagine.


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