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Pride and Joy

Posted by Intuition Girl

Ironic how we may have all heard that phrase, “pride and joy”; and in some cases employed it ourselves (in reference to something or someone we love and revere). The challenge in having that pride and joy, is it can sometimes get in the way of our own success. We become so attached to a thing, a person or some event in our lives that we do not see any other new opportunities or pathways that will lead us to the next level.

Pride often begets complacency, which idles our movement. Now, I am not saying you should not have any pride or joy in life. In fact, I encourage you to be proud of who you are and have joy in those things that bring you happiness. What I am also telling you is the recommended dose of anything is always moderation. Remember, just like all things in life, too much of even a good thing is extreme, and can lead to negative consequences. The same holds true for those of you who might say, “I cannot live without so-and-so…” Fact is, if you are living for someone or something else, you are not living for yourself – and that is what you are missing.

Pride can sometimes confine you. Too often, you can get caught up in the whole, “I can’t do this because I may lose this or that,” or “I can’t move there because I will be away from fill in the blank.” There are opportunities in life that beg you to take full advantage, but because you are so focused on someone else or something else, you become paralyzed in the “what if’s” and the “I cant’s”. Do not become that person. Do not rehash all the things that you could potentially “lose” or all the things that may or may not be. Remember, you cannot control external circumstances, but you have the power to choose your destiny. Are you up for the challenge?

Despite what you have been brought up to think or believe, you are still the leader of your life. You have the choice and the power to decide your outcome. If you are holding yourself back because of an overwhelming sense of pride, you need to rethink your actions and behavior. Pride can be like a powerful drug. Once you are addicted to that feeling associated with a person, place or thing, you can easily miss open doors to new and positive opportunities. Do not get caught up in your own web of feelings.

How to get there…

If you are proud of your accomplishments and you enjoy your life, then perhaps this message is not for you. But if you are stuck in a repetitive lifestyle and you seem to be going backward or in circles, then heed this: Open your eyes and open your mind. Raise your awareness through meditation or prayer so that you can begin to see the potentiality that exists around you. Know that pride can be an awesome feeling, but it takes a humbling experience to truly see the possibilities that surround you.

Inspirational Video – Planting seeds and taking risks

Posted by Intuition Girl

If you have planted many seeds along the way, this is the year to start taking risks. Today’s video is encouraging you to blossom – big time.

Inspirational Video – Don’t get caught up in the lives of others

Posted by Intuition Girl

Are you avoiding your own life by getting distracted by everyone else’s? Here’s a tip on how to change that.

Falling in Love all over again

Posted by Intuition Girl

I am often asked, “How do I make my partner love me again?” First and foremost, you cannot “make” anyone love you. It is up to that individual whether or not s/he is going to “love” you. Remember too, that love in a relationship is not lost; more commonly, it is that other areas in the relationship have grown and developed to include additional family members, work projects, social commitments and the like. If you are truly in love with one another, the emotional attachment can frequently be strained because life, in general, expands. We become distant from each other as we are pulled by different directions and other people in our lives. The more mature we become, the more self-evolved we become as well. It is a process in life.

To “recapture” love in a relationship, you must get back to the roots of who you are, and what it was that captivated you about your significant other. It is not always the “s/he doesn’t love me anymore” scenario; quite contrary, if you are the seeker in the relationship, then perhaps it is you who must learn to come to terms with your own successes, failures, ambitions and fears.

Getting back to the basics means to take a timeout for yourself and your loved one to rediscover the uniqueness of your individualities, to explore the past, present and future together; to collectively commit to understanding one another, to redesign your dreams together; and to enjoy each other not the way you were, but in the new way that you are today. Think about grapes on a vine. The longer they hang in the warm sun, the sweeter they become with age. That is how relationships work. Perhaps you have differing work schedules, maybe you are both recently retired, or life as a whole has been throwing some monkey wrenches your way; the more you learn to co-create and cooperate with one another, the greater chances you will survive and thrive in your relationship.

9 Tips for Falling in Love All Over Again

Modern “norms” may not coincide with the life you have shared in your relationship. Perhaps spicing your relationship with some of these modern “norms” (and many tried and true) could revitalize your love life:

1. Send an impromptu text message saying how much you love your significant other.
2. Schedule a fun date through Facebook.
3. Plant a herb garden (or just a watermelon patch if you like) with each other.
4. Plan and make an escape (a vacation) to somewhere you have never been.
5. Hold hands in public more often.
6. Schedule a movie night at the drive-in. (No, your living room does NOT count.)
7. Cook dinner together (lasagna is always fun!)
8. Tell each other DAILY one thing that you find attractive about him or her.
9. Use Twitter to “Tweet” a special code word to your significant other that only s/he will know what it means.

In the end, if you are HONESTLY trying to make your relationship work, you will find happiness and the love you have been seeking.

Inspirational video – Take a life assessment for your life

Posted by Intuition Girl

Making time to do a life assessment is a worthwhile exercise. I encourage you to do it today. Here’s how.

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